Number of the Beast

Session 1

Pre-session preamble

Bolthole is between two floors on a manhattan office building. Very low ceilings. Floor, walls and ceilings covered in guns that occasionally rearrange themselves into new patterns.

Part of Warner’s angelic form fused with a computer when they fell. This computer now sits in the hideout, unconnected to the internet, but occasionally flashes up bits of data significant to the God-Machine’s plans.

A demon Bastiel warned Rookwood to leave his surgery one day, and the next day an angel arrived. He says he’ll need the favour repaid one day.

Winchester’s dog’s name is Guntis, obeys orders in Latvian.

Game On

A number arrives. Mr. Warner looks up the social security codes, and finds out it belongs to a janitor, Silvio Fontanelli, who works for Bright Cleaning Solutions. Dr. Rookwood networks a little, and finds out that this company provides cleaning services for a range of companies across Manhattan. At the moment they’re working at a few performance venues, including the opera house and Madison Square Garden.

Ms. Lance breaks into the number’s house in Brooklyn, and finds:

  • Two daughters, ages 9 and 15 are at home, seemingly looking after themselves.
  • The house is far too expensive for a janitor’s salary.
  • There were a number of photos of an adult woman, but no evidence she lives here. Suspected to be an deceased/ex-wife.
  • A computer, set up with very poor security, which Warner sets up remote access to.

She also spots a car parked acrossed the street, with the driver taking photos of the house. Mr. Winchester gets his police contact to run the plates, and finds out it’s registered to be used by plainsclothes cops working undercover. Ms. Lance spots that the photographer also has bright green hair poking out from under a baseball cap, and so uses Ellipsis on him to sneak into his car. Once in there, she finds a gun and a NYPD badge (registered, according to Winchester’s contact, to a drugs and organised crims taskforce). She also clips off a hair, that feels strangely plasticky but is not a wig. A test of Aetheric resonance doesn’t flag up the cop as an angel, though, and so Ms. Lance departs.

Back at the bolthole, Warner analyses the hair and finds it’s made of interwoven strands of keratin and plastic. The cop’s likely to be a stigmatic. Warner also scans through Silvio’s computer, and finds out through his mail client’s calendar that he’s currently working at Madison Square Garden. With time getting on and their covers needing to sleep, the ring disperse to their various homes.

The next day of work passes without incident; Warner grades papers, Rookwood plans a rhinoplasty and has a working lunch to further investigate Bright Cleaning Solutions, Mr. Winchester brings in a white-collar criminal and Ms. Lance gets a mission from her editor to prove a city councillor’s indiscretions are affecting his ability to do his job. In the middle of the afternoon, Warner sees activity on Fontanelli’s webcam – it’s the man himself, bleary-eyed and in a dressing gown, checking him mail. One message has just come in, from – “IT HAPPENS TONIGHT”. The ring convene and put a plan together – Rookwood and Lance will follow Silvio to his place of work and tail him from there, while Winchester and Warner will head to Madison Square Garden, blend in with the crowds attending the bull-riding there this evening, and prepare for whatever happens next…


Wurzel Wurzel

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